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Pain Management

Our physicians at Quantum Pain and Orthopedic are dedicated to helping patients live pain-free lives. In addition to any necessary surgical treatment, our doctors can also administer interventional spinal therapies for pain management. During the procedure, you will be under mild sedation to ensure your comfort.

These pain management treatments may include:

**** Pain Management at Quantum Pain and Orthopedic At Quantum, our mission is to treat the causes of your pain with the highest standards of care and quality. Our experienced team of orthopedic physicians will help determine the underlying cause of your pain, and devise a treatment plan that’s right for you so that you can get back to the joys of life in no time. Plus, we have several locations throughout the Greater San Antonio, Austin, Round Rock, Mcallen and Brownsville Valley Area for your convenience. To schedule an appointment, please call (210) 817-6010 now.